Full-spectrum Document Conversion Services


We help government agencies and commercial businesses realize their true potential by converting their paper documents and other physical records to easy-to-manage digital assets. In doing so, we make information more accessible, secure and easier to manage.


Our clients benefit from reduced cost of physical records storage, improved workflow and efficiency, and cost economy in printing and production.


As a full-spectrum document conversion company, we manage documents and records, organizing and preparing them for digital conversion. We scan and index documents and abstract data while maintaining high standards using extensive quality control practices.


Our clients choose us because we have the financial strength, skill and the capacity to complete projects of any size, on time and on budget, at their locations or in one of our eight regional processing facilities.


The leader in high-volume file conversions, we have more than 30 years of experience and have converted more than three billion records.


Now Featuring:


We specialized in case file conversions for health & human services, courts and financial services.


Our redaction process is highly automated and precise.


Software and systems companies, partner with us through our Affiniti program.