Building Your Case for Electronic Document Management


Will your business case for investment in paperless processing stand up? Learn how to win support and investment for electronic document management.


Designed for managers who want to secure investment for converting their operations from paper to electronic document management. This half-hour discussion will focus on how to construct a business case that will earn the support of your management and your stakeholders. Subjects include:


  • The six pillars that will support your business case for investment
  • Choosing the best format for documenting your business case
  • Why using experiences from your company's own past can help bolster your business case
  • How to conduct a simple time study that will dimension labor cost savings potential by going paperless
  • Why basing your business case solely on return on investment (ROI) may not be the best approach

Preparing for Success in a Document Conversion Project


A well-written requirements document will greatly improve the odds of being successful in a document conversion project. Learn how it's done.


Designed for Information and technology managers who plan to undertake a large-scale document conversion project, and vendor-partners that are sizing document conversion projects as part of a new systems installation. Subjects include:


  • Why a requirements document will improve your odds for success
  • How a requirements document can strengthen the business case for your document conversion initiative
  • Why establishing and communicating objectives will result in better performance
  • The elements of a well-crafted requirements document: Getting down to details
  • The questions should you ask your vendor candidates before you choose a partner