Modernize Your Mailroom

FNTI provides mailroom solutions designed to manage one of the largest sources of paper most companies generate. Our services can help you reduce administration expenses, track important documentation and improve customer service and responsiveness.

FNTI will receive your mail at one of our district locations, or we can set up mailroom operations at your designated location. Our Production Control Database (PCD) provides an audit trail and continuous tracking.

Mailroom processing includes:

  • Entry | Scan correspondence upon receipt and bar-code it for tracking. We also accept electronic data from line-of-business applications, facsimile transmissions, and can convert stored back files to images on or off site.
  • Image processing | Scan documents in your specified format, inspecting each image for quality. Our conversion system recognizes document types and will capture data from appropriate fields.
  • Workflow | Imaged documents are routed for processing and validation based on document type, account status and other criteria.
  • Image quality control | We inspect each image to ensure that image quality and indexing accuracy meet your standards.
  • Record retention | We can host your records or deliver them to a system of your choosing. Originals are stored securely or destroyed based on your instructions.
  • Retrieval | Stored images can be imported into your chosen Line-of-business application or document imaging application for access.


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