Meticulous Control of Documents

FNTI manages document flows using high-speed networks that update and poll our Production Control Database (PCD). This enables real-time tracking and reporting of the media population through each stage of the conversion process, controlling assignment and accountability while monitoring the following steps in the production process:

  • Movement of media
  • Data generation
  • Management reporting
  • Statistical quality control

Project Auditing

Our system tracks the physical movement of every file throughout the production process. The PCD System compares data generated at each production step for continuity and completeness. The final number of documents placed on the transport media for delivery to our client must equal the number of documents generated at scanning and throughout each step of the production process.

File Security

FNTI employs the following procedures to provide maximum physical security:

  • Cycle requesting batches of source media. This will ensure that only a portion of the media is out of the immediate control of the Corporate Property Group.
  • Barcoding and tracking physical movement of source media.
  • Production areas that are secured by keyless entry and monitored using security cameras. When required, we deploy security personnel to key locations for additional protection.
  • We maintain a current Disaster Recovery Plan and employ Virtual File Security procedures



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