A Methodical Approach to Document Conversion

FNTI's proven conversion process is driven by our Production Control Database (PCD), which is accessible via a high-speed network and enables real-time tracking and reporting of media through each stage of the conversion process.

Librarian Stage

Librarians are essential to FNTI's ability to track a folder through the conversion process. Librarians use the Project Control Database to control project execution and are the gatekeepers of process integrity and inventory control.

Scanning Stage

In this stage, electronic images of the folder are created using high-speed scanning equipment. Scan operators are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the documents and updating the PCD with the location of the source materials by scanning a barcode on the document container, continuously monitoring the location of materials while tracking activity.

Special preparation teams disassemble and group documents by type. When document conversion is complete, the documents are reassembled and replaced in the document container.

Indexing Stage

Indexing enables electronic retrieval of digitized records. FNTI's indexers view every image for quality and completeness, key the required indexes defined by the client and release the image for double-key verification to another operator. This methodology allows FNTI to guarantee the integrity of the index fields.

Quality Assurance Stage

This is the final step in the document conversion process. Quality Assurance operators inspect 100% of the images processed, checking for completeness and legibility. As QA operators receive materials, they scan barcodes on individual files, updating the PCD. Quality Assurance Supervisors have responsibility for coaching personnel and implementing corrective action for any errors found during the QA inspection.

Export & Archive

A senior technical specialist manages exporting and archiving of converted data. When a box of images has been verified as complete, FNTI will generate final image media with indexes for the boxes and associated image files.

Return of Original Documents

Once the files have been exported to the proper format, source files are securely placed back in their containers. The Barcoded Batch Cover Sheet remains as the index to the boxed contents. The PCD then updates the status to inform the file room staff as files are returned. Each box is transported back and checked back into the file room by the Library Process.


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