Services: Claims Automation Processing

Designed for the mid-tier provider or administrator, FNTI’s Claims Automation Process delivers a truly affordable and efficient alternative to manual claims submission and processing. It employs FNTI’s time-tested scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and a robust quality management process that inspects every image and record.

No up-front investment required

There’s no need to invest in document scanning and indexing equipment or software.  FNTI employs high-speed scanners and advanced indexing and coding software, and a staff that is experienced in medical records conversion and indexing. 
Claims Automation Processing that’s close to you
FNTI can manage, convert, index and deliver automated claims files at your location or in a nearby regional processing facility, minimizing interruptions and ensuring your records are within reach. Our facilities are secure and our processes are HIPAA-compliant to protect your patients’ privacy.
Save costs with improved filing efficiency
FNTI’s Claims Automation Process is designed to deliver the following benefits:
  • Faster claims processing than traditional paper-based processes
  • Improved accuracy enabled by FNTI’s multi-layered QC processes
  • Accelerated cash flow from reduction in errors and lower claims rejection rate
  • Reduced administrative expense, with no paper-based documentation to manage or compile
  • Reduced file storage requirements
  • Improved access to claims documentation
May we help you?
Contact us for more information, and to learn how easily and quickly we can help you automate your claims.  Call 800.536.2212 ext. 307 or e-mail now.
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