The Capacity and Commitment to Help You Succeed

FNTI’s staff and production resources distinguish it as a world-class document conversion specialist.

Organizational Readiness

We are organized to emphasize teamwork and communication, two core elements of our business culture. Our team of trained technicians and knowledgeable scanning and indexing staff has many years of experience, allowing us to continuously improve production efficiency without compromising quality. All departments and employees work closely together to promote an efficient workplace environment. Project Managers, Systems Engineers and Sales Managers are always easily accessible through email, voice-mail and in person.

FNTI emphasizes cross-departmental responsibility and accountability to ensure that everyone understands and embraces the objectives of each client project.

Production Centers

FNTI’s headquarters and primary production facility is located in San Jose, CA, with major production centers located in: Hayward CA, Ontario CA, Van Nuys, CA, Portland OR, Chicago IL, Orlando FL, and San Antonio TX. FNTI employs more than 120 full-time professionals across the U.S., and can expand its labor force quickly to accommodate large projects.

We also specialize in on-site conversions, working directly with the client to ensure the safety and confidentiality of their documents by providing our services at their location. In such situations, we will transport all necessary equipment to our client’s location and will perform all services as required to execute the project.

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