Creating Opportunity Through Affiniti

Affiniti, FNTI’s partnership program, is offered to select companies that complement FNTI’s full-spectrum document conversion services. 

In our 37 years of providing document conversion and related services, we have delivered superior results in collaboration with leading systems, software and service providers across many projects.

The Affiniti program features the following elements:

  • Operations and sales force training in document conversion methods and practices.
  • Participation in Webinar training and business development sessions.
  • Sales lead generation through co-op promotion, co-authorship of white papers and trade show collaboration.
  • Transparency in project management and reporting, with frequent and detailed reporting made through our project management software and database tracking system.
  • Cost efficiency, enabled through our capacity, experience and commitment to efficiency at every stage in the conversion process.

We empower our business partners with sales support, domain expertise and our ongoing commitment to quality.

Can we partner with you?

Would you like to explore business partnering opportunities with FNTI? Contact FNTI Sales at 800.536.2212, extension 315, to arrange an exploratory discussion.  Download the Affiniti prospectus here.











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