Process Control is the Key to Quality

We employ project management practices that ensure quality at every phase and adhere to strict standards for production and quality assurance, and apply a data-driven quality management process.

Project Initiation

Our project-specific Policy and Procedures Manual establishes the scope of the work to be done, including the definition of assumptions and risks. It is continuously updated over the course of the project, and defines deliverables, production practices and roles and responsibilities of project participants. It outlines a schedule of activities, the definition of acceptance criteria, the change management process and timing of project audits.

We employ a phased approach to document conversion projects to optimize the production process, resulting in reliable conversion and testing and rapid project completion.

Phase I: Testing and Standards

The first few weeks are crucial in a document conversion project. During this phase the client and the FNTI project team agree on technical specifications, interface compatibility and standards for output quality. Critical activities include requirements validation, completion of technical specifications, and configuration and testing of production control resources.

Phase II: Ramp-up

Groundwork for this phase will start upon project approval and will parallel efforts of Phase I. During this period we will train our project manager and technical staff, acquires and test production hardware, and test all elements of the product process to identify and remove potential obstacles.

Phase III: Full Production

Upon completion of Phase II, FNTI will process at full production volumes. We will request source media from our client and process within the appropriate timeline.

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