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Are you ready to transition from a paper-based health records to electronic health records? It requires executive-level commitment and support, detailed planning and assistance from an experienced conversion partner. But the rewards are well worth the effort.

Here are resources you can use to help build your business case and commission a successful conversion process.

Download an FNTI white paper
Build support for electronic health records with your management.

  • Download "A Practical Guide to Building a Business Case for EHR."
Register for an FNTI Webinar
Learn what it
takes to succeed
in a document conversion project.

Register for an FNTI Webinar
Should you request a bid or a proposal for a document conversion project?

  • Download, "Getting the Most Value in the Procurement Process."
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See the big picture as you contemplate your digital records strategy

FNTI Onsite Document Conversion
We've built a best-in-class healthcare claims processing platform.

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Get a closer look
at our document conversion capabilities.

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