Diligence and Expertise in Document Indexing

Accurate indexing is critical to a useful image library. It is a complex task that requires planning and persistent quality management. FNTI manages all projects using Decisis™, our proprietary process automation system that guides the following steps and processes:

  • Data capture and abstraction that employs double data entry, comparison, correction, proofing and delivery.
  • Dynamic load balancing across all process allowing continuous delivery of data.
  • Flexible configuration to accommodate capture information from variety of different applications.
  • Customizable field-level validation for reliable data capture.
  • Online error reporting and alert systems that continuously monitor the quality level of data capture.
  • Statistical quality assurance that shifts data capture operators to training mode in the event that quality norms are not being maintained.
  • Online routing of documents that require investigation and clarification by a supervisor or client.
  • Built-in knowledge capture and feedback system to continuously update operator skills.

We also perform document classification using software production tools, supported by visual inspection. We have completed projects that involved 2,500 document types.

Web-enabled posting quality and status monitoring keeps our clients continuously informed on project status while facilitating online quality checks.

Your Policy and Procedures Manual, which we prepare at the outset of every project, will identify indexing requirements and quality assurance methods that ensure data integrity.

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