Capable of Converting Any Format to Digital Form


FNTI has been converting paper documents to digital images for more than 30 years while continuously refining our technology, software and processes. Our technicians have managed to save and image even the most deteriorated and damaged documents while ensuring top quality results for clients.

FNTI can help you migrate your paper to an imaging system and delivery platform.

Our conversion process employs the latest capture devices and is supported by a time-tested production and document control process. It encompasses document workflow (i.e., mailroom), preparation for conversion, indexing and data abstraction, quality assurance and final delivery. We apply multiple QC steps during the conversion process to ensure image quality and data integrity.

Microfilm and Microfiche

Micromedia libraries are often decades old and have been created using varying quality standards. It is possible that some micromedia may be damaged because of storage conditions. We have significant experience in managing the challenging elements of maintaining image quality of the micromedia, creating a reliable electronic library.

Aperture Cards

Even though aperture cards are an effective way to store, retrieve and view large format drawings and blueprints, it is not the most efficient way to store your valuable documents. Aperture cards, which is microfilm attached to thin cardboard, are susceptible to bright light, humidity and water damage. While aperture cards can be easily stored in a warehouse, keeping the cards in perfect order without losing drawings or misfiling them is difficult. Over time, aperture cards become damaged from use and show signs of wear and tear.

By converting your aperture cards to digital files, you can easily retrieve digital images rather having to search through boxes of cards to find that one misfiled blueprint.

Large-format Scanning

We can convert your large format drawings, maps, blueprints and books to digital image.

FNTI's large format scanners and overhead book scanners enable conversion of a wide range of oversized documents economically and at very high quality. Large format maps, drawings and blueprints are hand-fed through scanners, while books are imaged by our BookEye book scanner.

Digital-to-film Archiving

We convert digital images to film for archiving, enabling our clients to capture and archive important records to film that will last hundreds of years.


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